the best mother-daughter trips in europe

The 6 Best Mother-Daughter Trips in Europe

Whether it’s Mothers Day soon or not: it’s always a perfect time to love our mom just a little bit more and spend more time with her. Personally, my mom and I love our mother-daughter trips: we make sure to have at least 1 trip a year. We have gone to Paris countless times, visited the Spanish island Mallorca about 5 times and went to cities like Barcelona and Valencia. We love traveling, going to a museum, drinking coffee in a nice cafe and just spend all those days catching up. Now that I don’t live at home anymore, this time has become even more important to me.

So, my tip: plan mother-daughter trips this year. I live in Europe so I will give my best tips for a destination closer to home, easier to travel to – like by train or by car!

The Best European Mother-Daughter Trips

Paris, France

Not only is this a great city to visit all-year round, this is such a fun place to have quality time with each other. You can skip all the highlights if you want and just relax in the best cafés, eat a croissant at that perfect bakery, stroll through the back streets of Paris and have a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower. The city is amazing for shopping because there are so many shops for everyone. Shop on the high street in Galeries LaFayette or go to “Les Halles” to find the Zara and H&M. Paris really is such a diverse city and no matter what you guys like: I’m sure you will have a great time here!

Whenever we go to Paris, we try to go either during spring or summer because we both love spending time outdoors. We usually eat our lunch by the Seine or go for a picnic somewhere in the city – either in one of the many parks with all the locals or at the Eiffel Tower. I also recommend just walking around the city instead of taking the metro around. That’s when you’ll discover all the great places.

visit paris for the best mother-daughter trips

Valencia, Spain

I’ve been to Valencia in my freshman year of college on a study trip. We spent about three days in this city before going to Benidorm and Alicante. I never expected this city to be so beautiful. The diversity is insane: you have the historical centre, and across the city park you will find the most modern buildings ever. Speaking of this park: this used to be a river (long time ago) and it’s now a park that spreads kilometers wide through Valencia. It’s the best place to go for a run, have a bike ride or simply go picnicking. Since it’s so long: you can enter the park basically everywhere.

Furthermore, the beach is so pretty and only a small distance away from the city centre and there are loads of shops around. One suggestion for when you are in a city in Spain: The Ale-Hop is a fun store that can be best compared with the Flying Tiger I think!

It’s never really cold in this city, but if you love a more warmer climate, definitely visit Valencia from March until October. I went to Valencia in January once and it was pretty chilly.

visit valencia for the best mother-daughter trips

London, the United Kingdom

I’m not writing this one out of my own experience, because I have not visited London before with my mom. However, I do know friends that did visit London with their mom and they had the best time. So I’m using their experience to tell you about it! I feel like London would be perfect if you both love the rush of the city, fun and cosy neighborhoods and shopping.

I’m actually thinking about visiting London this year myself and I would love to take the Eurostar instead of taking a plane. I love that the Eurostar, same as in Paris, stops in the middle of London instead of outside of the city at the airport. It saves so much time and is so convenient!

visit london for the best mother-daughter trips

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities to visit. Funny story – I visited Barcelona somewhere in 2016 and I didn’t really like it. Maybe I overhyped the destination myself or my expectations were too high listening to other peoples story. It was a bit underwhelming at the time, but I went back a couple years later with my mom and I absolutely loved it.

Whether you love shopping on the Ramblas or going cafe hopping: Barcelona has it all and so much more. Visit the beach during the summertime or have lunch at the many restaurants around this area, lots of them have vegan food as well. Park Güell is definitely a hotspot in the city and Gaudi’s work can be admired here but all around the city as well. It is an incredibly crowded area and I would actually recommend skipping it. If you do want to visit: buy your tickets only to secure yourself the entree spot.

Another thing I loved was taking the cable car up on the hill to walk around and enjoy the sunset. Lots of locals go here for a picnic and to escape the rush of the city.

visit barcelona for the best mother-daughter trips

Mallorca, Spain

Like I said, my mom and I visited this island about five times and were never once bored of the island. It is a small island, but there’s so much to do! We absolutely loved staying in Cala d’Or, a small region on the east coast of Mallorca where the town is almost completely white and the beaches are small and calm bays. The water is incredible and it is so peaceful here. I also loved our stay near Alcúdia in the northern part of the island. Next time, we’re going to stay around Valldemossa or Deià.

We also loved our stay at Playa de Palma, which is near the city Palma de Mallorca and the beach is huge here. The boulevard is so nice to walk around during the evening and there are amazing restaurants here. You can visit Palma de Mallorca easily with the bus connections from here. This is also a great place to go on excursions into the north of Mallorca and go up in the mountains!

visit mallorca for the best mother-daughter trips

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I had to promote my own capital! Amsterdam is a very popular destination nowadays and I am not going to lie: it is really, really busy in Amsterdam. However, there is so much to do here. Shopping, visiting a museum like the Rijksmuseum or the van Gogh museum (my mom and I loved these two!), eating pancakes because you really cannot leave the Netherlands without eating our pancakes and go on a day trip to the Keukenhof and enjoy the most beautiful flowers here.

If you’re looking for a city that isn’t as crowded with tourists: Rotterdam is an amazing city. I must admit: this is my favourite city of the Netherlands. It is getting more popular! Shopping is great here as well, the Kunsthal has beautiful exhibitions and the modern architecture gives such a different vibe than Amsterdam.

Read more: Rotterdam Day Trip: The Ultimate Insiders Guide

go to amsterdam for the best mother-daughter trips

These were my favorite destinations that are perfect for the best mother-daughter trips! I honestly can’t wait to plan the next trip with my mom. Have a look at my Instagram to see my highlights of the places I’ve visited with my mom!

What are your best destinations for mother-daughter trips?



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